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Adult: £33 or £2.75 per month      Child: £38.50 or £3.20 per month

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  1. By taking out a Manorafon Farm Park Annual Membership you accept these terms and conditions of use.

  2. Memberships are valid Monday to Sunday throughout the season including school holidays.

  3. If you are paying for your Membership by monthly Direct Debit you are committing to making all payments for the 12month term (initial 3 month deposit, followed by 9 monthly payments).

  4. On your 12month renewal date payments will continue to be taken until you cancel your Direct Debit with your Bank or Building Society.

  5. Your deposit payment is due at the time of application.

  6. Each Member will be issued his or her own Membership Card in their own name.

  7. A Membership Card is only valid when used and/or presented by the named Member as stated on the card.

  8. Memberships are non-transferable and non refundable and cannot be sold or given away to a third party.

  9. Misuse will result in the Membership being withdrawn.

  10. The authorised Member must show their Membership Card at the Entrance each time they visit Manorafon Farm Park.

  11. Visitors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an individual 16 years of age or over.

  12. Photocopies of Membership Cards will not be accepted.

  13. Events subject to change without notice and no refunds are given should the Farm close due to circumstances beyond its control.

  14. All Membership Cards remain the property of Manorafon Farm Park and can be withdrawn in the event of fraud and misuse. This includes, but is not limited to, allowing a third party to attempt to gain access to Manorafon with a Membership Card of which they are not the valid holder.

  15. Failure to present a valid Membership Card will result in a charge of the ‘on the day’ admission rate.

  16. Membership Cards cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offer or voucher.

  17. Lost Membership Cards should be reported to Manorafon Farm Park immediately. In the event of a lost Membership Card, Manorafon Farm Park will re-issue a replacement card and charge an administration fee of £5.00 per card.

  18. When applying for a Child Membership, an adult’s name and address MUST be supplied for all correspondence.

  19. All correspondence, cards and mailings will only be sent to the lead adult name and address given on the application form.

  20. A photograph will be taken when you first use your Membership Cards and held on our system for authorisation on entry. Please note the photo will only be used for the purpose of verification.

  21. Membership does not qualify the holder for free admission to our Christmas Adventure.

  22. By taking out a Manorafon Farm Park Membership you accept that the legitimate collection and processing a range of personal data as outlined is necessary, as outlined in the Membership Privacy Policy, so that we can properly perform our contract with you.

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